Saturday, January 24, 2009

Now You See It, Now You Don't.

It was a good Saturday for Doug and I, but not for my 50ft Cottonwood tree. Thank you Doug.
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Los Lunas Decalogue Stone

We are a sad lot.

The tragedy of the Mystery Stone of New Mexico!

Imagine that you hear of a large stone discovered in the middle of the desert; which people knew of since 1850 when this desert became and territory of the United States, later to be made a State called New Mexico. There is nothing strange about the composition of the stone, but what is carved on it. On this rock is an ancient inscription which most scholars now agree is written in a form of Paleo-Hebrew and paraphrases the Ten Commandments. It is believed to date to at least 100 BC this, however cannot not be proven as the stone was not preserved when discovered.

Now for the tragedy, not only was the stone not preserved then, but it has not been since. Photographs were taken of the stone as a form of preservation and have at least managed to preserve the charters (see photos on referred sites), but the stone has been washed and worse yet the carvings have been traced over by visits who lack to capacity for respect or judgment. As you can see from the photos taken during my visit now even the first row of characters has been vandalized.

This is likely due to the fact the SORRY State I am a privileged to call the place of my birth and its people have no respect or regard for history and will hopefully have to repeat it.

This site is still awesome and a rare treasure which will soon be lost to time and ignorance. I think it should have been one of the greatest discoveries in North America. I can’t help but to think it is a tragedy of our pride and unwillingness to consider other possibilities. But New Mexico will still take your $25 dollar while they can and who knows what they are doing with the money.