Saturday, November 22, 2014

Pigs In A Blanket

Today I taught Nathan the secret art of making pigs in a blanket. We had a package of hot dogs and mom was gone. There was really nothing stopping us. So we busted out the recipe for biscuits and went to work getting messy. 

As it turns out, little fingers are especially gifted at rolling the dog in strips of biscuit dough. I rolled two giving him some pointers on technique, but he caught on quickly and took it from there. Before long they were ready to place in the oven, I think waiting was the hardest part. 

We learned how to use this time to clean up. That way, you can enjoy guilt free. It is part of the secret.

Watching the magic happen!

Now, it was time to learn the final and most important part of the secret. Share them! Serve with pink lemonade and mustard on a paper plate. Never, eve,r ever, use ketchup. The paper plate made for a perfect, hassle free clean up. It's a man thing.

Again, only mustard!

It is the best!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Selfish Hindrance

Earlier this year I was listening to the radio and they were talking about new years resolutions. One of the callers began by talking about her new year's resolution and making dietary changes. When she said, "It is so hard! We all know they add things to fast food that make it addictive." Wait, what?! Is she for real? Then the shows host agreed with her. This got me to thinking,  do people really believe this?

It is human nature to justify ourselves and our actions and thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I am exposed daily to this misinformation. Most is presented in a way making it desirous to be true. This is why it's good to know knowledge comes with responsibility. Information itself does not bring wisdom; rather the ability to rightly judge information as truth can bring knowledge and observance of truth is wisdom.